For the manufacture of alcohol we use molasses, a by-product of the sugar manufacturing process, as our main raw material.

The manufacturing process consists of fermenting the materials derived from sugar cane, using a yeast strain specially developed for the process, and then continuing with the distillation stage.

Our products are:

  •  Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)
  •  Industrial Alcohol (REN)
  •  Heads and Tails (C&C)

In addition, the carbon dioxide (CO2) resulting from the fermentation process is extracted, purified and marketed to the beverage industry.


For its production, we use molasses as the main raw material.

Currently our installed capacity is

litres of alcohol per day.


Safety model focused on hazard analysis and critical control points including GMP in alcohol plant.


High-level management system with a focus on occupational risks.

High level quality model with scope to the totality of processes of Magdalena.


Global sustainability standard specific to the sugarcane agroindustry.

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