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Magdalena Tierra Dulce, 150 ICUMSA

Sugar is our leading product and has had a growing demand and, as a consequence, production has increased significantly. This opens the door to Guatemala's development as the industrial unit with the largest sugar production in the Central American region and to reach other markets. Our export destinations include Latin America, the United States, Europe and Asia.

The development and application of technologies that enhance the quality and efficiency of sugar cane as a raw material has allowed us to lead the national market with a 24% contribution of sugar and a daily milling of 38,640 metric tonnes of cane.

The types of sugar we produce are: standard, brown, golden, raw and refined, of which there are three qualities: Premium, Mag and Tierra Dulce. We also produce brown and standard sugar for the local market and raw, golden and refined sugar for export. The differences in each are determined by the presence of physicochemical criteria, such as: appearance, purity, colour and humidity, as well as microbiological criteria ensuring the safety of the sugar.

Product description

  • Product Description Sucrose (C12H22O11). Solid crystalline product obtained from sugar cane, used as an ingredient in the manufacture of other products (industrial or domestic) and for direct consumption.
  • Shelf life is two years after packaging.
  • Each bag is identified by a unique printed code and on the back, the packaging batch number. This code contains the following information: year of harvest - correlative day of harvest - origin of product - line of departure - correlative.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.


Sugar is our leading product and has been in increasing demand and, as a consequence, production increased significantly.

Currently our installed capacity is

mt of sugar cane milled per day.

25 kg

50 kg

1000 kg - 1250 kg



Food safety system covering refined and standard sugar.

Ensuring food safety compliance for the Jewish community.

High level quality model with scope to the totality of processes of Magdalena.


Global sustainability standard specific to the sugar cane agro-industry.

Ensuring compliance with Islamic food law on sugar for the Muslim community.

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