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In Magdalena, we are committed to promoting an adequate work environment so our collaborators can perform fully and do an excellent job.

Our reason for being is the motor that guides our actions; therefore, we have created a code of ethics, which is the instrument that gathers our philosophy, values and politics.

Living these, we grow our business and we contribute to the development of our society, fostering our values in our behavior and work performance: honesty, humility and passion for achievements to harvest better people that translate into better collaborators.

To oversee the fulfillment of our reason to be and our values, we have an Ethics Committee who is in charge of working with the highest level of guidance, supervision and continuous improvement of the strategic, operational processes and in support of the Business Ethics for Systems Management (SGEE for its acronym in Spanish) that Magdalena has adopted.

To report unethical conduct that affects our values or their associated behavior, Magdalena has created different channels to protect the confidentiality of the person reporting them, through the following means of communication: