At Magdalena we are committed to promoting an adequate work environment so that our employees can perform to their full potential and do an outstanding job.

Our Code of Ethics

Our raison d'être is the driving force behind our actions, which is why we have created the code of ethics, which is the instrument that brings together our philosophy, values and policies.

By living these values we make our company grow and contribute to the development of our society, promoting in our behaviour and work performance, our values: honesty, humility and passion for achievements to reap better people which translates into better collaborators.

To ensure compliance with our raison d'être and our values, we have an Ethics Committee to which we delegate the task of senior management, supervision and continuous improvement of the strategic, operational and support processes of the Business Ethics Management System (BEMS) adopted by Magdalena.

To report unethical conduct that affects our values or their associated behaviors, Magdalena has created different channels that protect the confidentiality of the person who reports it, through the following means:

Ir al canal de denuncias

To register a new complaint, you can go to the following link:

E-mail address

Puede enviar un correo electrónico a la siguiente dirección:

Telephone line

Puede contactar directamente con un especialista las 24 horas en los siguientes números:
(502) 2507-9150
(502) 5453-6973

If you need more information you can download the following files: