Magdalena | Soil Conservation

Soil is the sustenance of life, development and production, taking care of it by respecting good agricultural practices is a legacy for the next generations, and its conservation is of utmost importance for humans, animals and plants, i.e. for living beings.

Apart from being the basis for production, soils fulfil other important functions: filtering, buffering, transforming and protecting groundwater and the food chain. 

Soil is a system in which chemical, physical and biological processes occur to create life and for agriculture. Misuse of soil alters its properties and can cause it to lose its functions.

How do we take care of the soil at Magdalena?

  • We work on the recovery of areas that do not have forest cover within the farms, through reforestation with native tree species.
  • We establish partnerships to strengthen the reforestation efforts of state institutions, local governments and communities.
  • We are increasing green harvesting, which helps us to conserve soil properties, preventing soil degradation.
  • We promote soil enrichment through the incorporation of compost.
  • We implement actions that help reduce erosion, such as the implementation of contour lines.
  • We build catchment wells that encourage the infiltration of water into the groundwater table.

"Productive land is our foundation, because everything we do begins and is sustained by the sustained productivity of our agricultural land.


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