Electric power

During the harvest season, we produce energy from the biomass resulting from the sugar production process. The sugar cane bagasse, as a renewable source, allows us to supply energy to the National Interconnected System - SNI, to be distributed to end users in the country.

Electric power

We have been active in power generation since 1990.

Currently our installed capacity is

MWh of electrical energy.

We started generating electricity in 1990 with a power generation plant with a capacity of 12.5 Megawatts - MW. Subsequently, in 1994 we signed the first long-term contract with Empresa Eléctrica de Guatemala for 14 MW. In 2002 the contract with EEGSA was renewed and extended to 15.4 MW.

During the 2000s, we installed additional generating units, with a capacity of 16.5 MW in 2004 and 45 MW in 2008, and built a transmission line and a 230 kV substation with a capacity of 260 MVA.

In 2010, we started construction of a thermal generation plant running on biomass and coal adding 62.4 MW to our capacity in 2012. In the same year, we started construction of a similar block with a capacity of 61.5 MW completed in 2014 and in 2016 a further 61.5 MW project (San Isidro) was commissioned in the southwest of the country.

In 2011 we created Comercializadora de Energía para el Desarrollo - CED, with the aim of meeting the electricity purchase demands of industrial customers and distributors in Central America. CED is currently the second largest exporter in Guatemala.

The development of new projects with renewable energy sources has also become a priority and we already have a hydroelectric project in operation capable of generating 9.5 MW, which is part of our constant search for new environmentally friendly technologies.


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