Magdalena present at the XV National Forum on Business Transformation

On September 20 and 21, the XV National Forum on Business Transformation was held, organized by the Center for Corporate Social Responsibility Action -CENTRARSE- where leaders from different companies converged in order to identify opportunities to incorporate more sustainable practices within their companies, and generate more positive impacts on their environment.

Jorge Moreno, Director of Sustainability in the sustainable talks called "Social role of the company", where he spoke about the sustainability model of Ingenio Magdalena, as well as the actions, scopes and impacts obtained to date, emphasized the importance for Magdalena of the communities where the company has influence and their integral development.


Within these spaces for work and exchange, the social role of the company as a promoter of socially responsible practices was addressed from the internal sphere with employees, as well as in the different audiences with which it interacts and the communities where it operates. On the other hand, at the Corporate Governance round table, current trends in what is defined as accountability, reporting and transparency were discussed in depth.

The "sustainable talks" were moments where decision-makers and experts in the field of sustainability exchanged best practices on the social role of business, corporate governance, economic impact and climate action.

At the Economic Impact roundtable, participants presented different initiatives aimed at competitive insertion in new markets, generating more employment opportunities, as well as the adoption of responsible standards for business growth. At the Climate Action round table, practices were shared on strengthening trends in risk management adoption and mitigation, and how these practices generate a differentiating value in business competitiveness.

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