Beyond the mind

Metanoia is a strategic initiative that seeks to increase productivity and lower costs as enablers for the growth of Magdalena. Its success requires a comprehensive approach to processes and culture.

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Focus on processes and continuous improvement

To achieve this, METANOIA works in parallel on two complementary axes:

A first axis that seeks the adoption of methodology and technical training in process improvement. Based on the Lean methodology, improvement initiatives are addressed with multidisciplinary teams that diagnose the processes to identify opportunities and implement solutions in an agile way. The critical processes of the value chain are the first to be addressed, but process improvement will be applied to all the company's processes.

A second axis of Change Management for cultural transformation and mindset change to support the sustainable adoption of new ways of working. Training in change management techniques and strengthening formal and informal communication to convey the progress and achievements of continuous improvement are key. It is also important to strengthen and recognise the desired behaviours in the new culture through clear lines of work.