Management Model

Management Policy

At Magdalena we are committed to meeting the requirements of our stakeholders through:

  • Products that meet customers' needs and expectations.
  • Developing a culture of service.
  • Continuous improvement of our human and technological capabilities with innovation, efficiency and productivity.
  • Development of our social, environmental and economic environment.

This commitment is the basis for the profitability and sustainability of the business.

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We manufacture safe products derived from sugar cane for industrial use and direct consumption, complying with current legislation and customer requirements, and communicating this effectively.

At Magdalena we are all committed to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment, focused on the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses, through:
  • Active participation of employees.
  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements.
  • Compliance with the process of identifying hazards, evaluating occupational risks and opportunities for improvement as a basis for establishing control measures and programs.
  • Fulfillment of commitments to stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Continuous improvement in each activity to safeguard our resources and assets.
Involving collaborators, contractors and visitors in our activities within the facilities.
We are committed to sustainable development, rational and efficient use of natural resources, reducing the impact of our activities by ensuring continuous improvement and compliance with national legislation. This is achieved through:
  • Compliance with the legal regime within all our operations.
  • Prioritisation of the significant environmental aspects.
  • Compliance with environmental indicators through monitoring plans.