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Sugar is our leading product and has had a growing demand and as a result, production increased significantly. This opens a door to the development of Guatemala as the industrial unit with the highest sugar production in the Central American region and allows us to reach other markets. Among the export destinations we have are Latin America, the United States and Europe.

The development and application of technologies optimize the quality and efficiency of sugarcane as a raw material. This has allowed us to lead the national market with a contribution of 24% sugar and a daily grind of 38,640 metric tons of sugarcane.

The types of sugar we produce are: standard, brown, golden, raw and refined, of which there are three qualities: Premium, Mag and Tierra Dulce. We also produce brown sugar and standard for the local market and raw and golden sugar for export. The differences in each are determined by the presence of physical-chemical criteria like appearance, purity, color and moisture, as well as microbiological criteria ensuring the safety of sugar.

Product description

Descripción del Producto Sacarosa (C12H22O11). Producto sólido cristalino obtenido de la caña de azúcar, utilizado como ingrediente para la elaboración de otros productos (industrial o doméstico) y para consumo directo.

La vida útil es dos años después de ser envasado.

Each bag is identified with a unique printed code and on the back, the packaging lot number. This code contains the following information: harvest year- harvest correlative day - origin of the product - starting line - correlative.

It should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Presentaciones Azúcar Premium, Magdalena Tierra Dulce, 150 ICUMSA


25 kg

50 kg

1000 kg  -  1250 kg


Especificaciones de las categorías de azúcar

Para las siguientes categorías las presentaciones son las del cuadro anterior (25kg, 50kg y 1000 kg hasta 1250kg).


Magdalena Tierra Dulce



La única que cambia su presentación es la categoría Estándar




We are in power generation since 1990 with a power generation plant with a capacity of 12.5 megawatts – MW. Subsequently, in 1994, we signed the first long-term contract with the Guatemalan Power Company for 14 MW. In 2002, the contract was renewed with EEGSA and expanded to 15.4 MW.

During the decade of 2000, we installed more generating units, with a capacity for 16.5 MW in 2004 and 45 MW in 2008, we also built a transmission line and a substation for 230 kV with a capacity of 260 MVA.

In 2010, we began the construction of a thermal power generating plant that works with biomass and coal adding 62.4 MW to our capacity in 2012. In that same year, we began the construction of a similar block with a capacity for 61.5 MW, completed in 2014 and in 2016 another 61.5 MW project was launched (San Isidro), located in the southwest of the country.

In 2011, we created the Power Marketer for Development – CED (for its acronym in Spanish), in order to meet the demands of power purchasing from industrial customers and distributors in Central America. The CED is currently the second largest exporter in Guatemala.

The development of new projects with renewable energy sources has also become a priority and we already have a hydroelectric power project capable of generating 9.5 MW, which is part of our constant search for new technologies that are environmentally friendly.


For manufacturing, we use molasses as the main raw material. Molasses is the result of the sugar-manufacturing process. The final products are:

- Extra neutral alcohol (ENA)

- Industrial alcohol (REN)

- Heads and Tails (C&C)

The manufacturing process consists of fermentation of the materials derived from sugarcane through a yeast strain especially developed for the process.  Subsequently, we distill the product by means of a continuous multi-stage system that operates at low pressure and in a vacuum to efficiently use energy.

The carbon dioxide (CO2) resulting from the fermentation process is extracted, purified and marketed in the beverage industry.

Sugar Agro-industry of Guatemala

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- Expogranel

- Cengicaña

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