Highly productive, deeply human.

Our programmes

We develop programmes that contribute to the economic-productive, social-labour and environmental axes in our areas of influence.

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We strengthen relationships to manage joint actions with different stakeholders, through mechanisms that are focused on a win-win dynamic.

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Our Environmental Management Department coordinates compliance with the actions that allow us to promote the proper use and administration of natural resources.

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At Magdalena we contribute to the quality of education in the South Coast, recognizing the responsibility of the authority in charge of coverage.

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Productive Projects

We promote the empowerment and training of women as the fundamental axis of the family in our areas of influence.



We developed a program focused on the preventive health of community members in the areas of influence of Magdalena, with preventive health campaigns:

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Road infrastructure

We made improvements to the community and neighbourhood road infrastructure, to contribute to the transport of the products that neighbours sell outside their communities.

Families benefiting from the Backyard Tilapia Production Project
People benefiting from the Poultry Production Project
Kilometres improved, during the 20-21 season
Patients seen at the medical days held during the 19-20 season